Founding Members

Our Founding Members

The Backbone of Our Community

Our Founding Members are dedicated to making our online forum an inviting place and share a broad range of inspirational holistic health content and guidance continuously.

Caroline Yazi

Caroline is a holistic health advocate with a desire to support the well-being of people and planet. She offers inspiration and support for holistic health in the form of projects and products. Her favorite topic is healing through embracing divine feminine wisdom and gifts.

Tasha Marie Hannah

Tasha Marie is an integrative life coach who connects people with their true potential and unique life purpose. Through her work with the Human Design System she is able to show others their energetic potential and help them shed layers of self doubt so they can step further into the embodiment of their true selves.

Julian Geschwindner

Julian is a self empowerment coach who helps people step out of their old story, to embody and speak their truth and deal with anxiety, shame and all that is holding them back from thriving. His passion is to teach people how to be present with themselves and allow more joy, pleasure and aliveness in their daily life.

Ana María Herrera Becerra

Ana María is passionate about human transformation and healing through creative languages and authentic connections. As a psychologist, music therapist and Biodanza student, she has a very diverse and versatile set of tools and techniques to facilitate self-exploratory and expanding experiences.

 Kasia Miszczak

Kasia is a nutritional therapist and psychologist who comes from a long linage of healers and herbalists and is passionate about energy work, TCM, Ayurveda and the cyclical nature of human life. She uses this wide compendium of wisdom to help people regain balance in their life and reconnect with their inner healing power.

Sean Graves

Sean is a transformational and inner alignment coach, energy healer, and ceremony facilitator whose passion is to help people come into alignment with the most authentic and joyful versions of themselves, shifting their life story from a place of conditioning and reaction into one of empowerment and creation.

Anthony Giannini

Anthony is an applied cultural anthropologist with a research focus in shamanism and altered states of consciousness. His integrated and practical shamanic approach opens us to deeper levels of consciousness, and understanding, empowering us to live a more authentic expression of ourselves.

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